Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Air Source Heat PumpMitsubishi are one of the most established manufacturers of air source heat pumps. The Ecodan range is recognised as one of the best performing models in the market. Complete Renewables are accredited installers of Mitsubishi air source heat pumps. Our engineers have been trained by Mitsubishi themselves to ensure our installations are of the highest quality.

Why choose a Mitsubishi Ecodan?

The Mitsubishi brand is synonymous with high quality manufacturing. This translates to average lifespans of between 15 to 20 years. Also worth considering is that air source heat pumps require less maintenance than comparable gas central heating systems.

The Ecodan range is also specifically designed for the UK market. This is important as the efficiency of heat pumps vary depending on their climate. The flow temperatures and coefficient of performance (the amount of energy created against electricity used) will vary with variations in external temperatures. With this in mind Mitsubishi have created a heat pump that is able to function at temperates as low -25⁰C

A range to suit all needs

The Mitsubishi Ecodan range includes models from 5kW through to 14kW. The broad spectrum allows for the selection of a model which closely meets your heating requirements. Furthermore we are to connect more than one heat pump should more power be required. For example recently we’ve completed a property requiring 28kW of heating. This required two 14kW units.

Specifying Your System

As an experienced installer of renewable energy, Complete Renewables are happy to provide a full quote for customers interested in a Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump. Our free of charge specifying service includes full heat loss calculations for your home. Using this information we can accurately predict your future energy usage, enabling us to determine your financial savings.


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy For New Builds

Designing which renewable energy suits your new build can be a tricky task. You’ll want to ensure that the technology brings a real benefit to the new home whilst keeping costs down. Furthermore it’s not always clear which technology will suit your build.

Complete Renewables have developed a new service for developers, architects and self-builders. Working from your initial plans we’ll advise which type of renewable energy will suit your needs.

We’ve developed our service with two intentions

–       Firstly to provide a quick and clear picture of which renewable energy sources are suitable for a property. We’ll let you know exactly which technologies can be installed, the total savings for the future home owner, cost of installation and any government incentives available – such as the Renewable Heat Incentive or Renewable Premium Payment

–       Secondly, in response to building regulations, we’ll make sure you meet your required level of renewable energy. Whether you’re interested in simply meeting the minimum requirement, or looking for a longer-term reduction in carbon footprint and energy costs.

How Our Service Works:

Air Source Heat Pump New BuildWe’re experienced at dealing with planning stage drawings. From your drawings we’ll create detailed heat-loss calculations. Combined with the dimensions of your project, we’ll be able to ascertain exactly which renewable energy suits the development. Furthermore we’ll provide predicted heating/running costs and earning from government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in Tariff.

There’s no charge for this service, and no obligation. All we ask is that you consider our proposal when installing your renewable energy

Some Information About Complete Renewables Ltd.

We are an established local business supplying and installing renewable energy throughout Essex. We are fully MCS accredited and work to the standards set out in the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

We are certificated installers all the main renewable energy companies, including Dimplex, Mitsubishi, Samsung and Vallaint

Samsung EHS Mono Air Source Heat Pump

Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps

Samsung air source heat pumps have become increasingly popular with our customers over the last year. Reasons for this include the simplicity of design; a monobloc system requires very little maintenance for fuss free performance, extremely efficient energy use and excellent value for money.

Samsung ASHP HomeSimplicity of Design

When choosing a Samsung heat pump we recommend using the Samsung EHS Monobloc range. Within this range there are two models; the RC090 MHXEA – a 9kW unit and the RC161 MHXEA – a 16kW unit.

The advantage of a monobloc system

Monobloc systems benefit from low levels of maintenance. The unit is self-contained so does not require the additional plumbing of an internal unit. As a result the homeowner will not require regular servicing from an F-gas certified engineer. Furthermore as monobloc unit is external it won’t take up valuable storage space within the home.

An aggressive pricing structure

Samsung are keen to expand their market, to accelerate this process they are pricing their heat pumps to be amongst the cheapest on the market. Recently we’ve installed a 9kW air source heat pump in Essex for under £4,500 – this includes full installation, set-up and VAT.

For More Information

If you’d like more information on Samsung air source heat pumps installations in Essex, please contact us via the phone number above. Alternatively, you can follow this link to our air source heat pump page and enter your details using our online form.

We’re happy to provide full heat loss calculations for your existing or new home. Using these we can recommend the best product to suit your needs.

Visit the Samsung EHS Mono webpage for more information