PV Immersion Controllers

It’s now possible to make even better use of your solar panels

“Heat Your Home’s Water When The Sun Shines!”

Welcome to a new and innovative way to harness the electricity your solar PV panel installation generates

Currently you are paid by the national grid for 50% of the electricity you generate (in addition to the feed-in tariff, regardless of whether you export it or not). Ideally you would use all the electricity you generate, as there is no additional income gained from exporting.

Up until now you have not been able to control how your electricity generated is used, that’s where solar controlers come in. This directs electricity generated to your immersion heater, allowing you to heat your home’s hot water at no additional cost

We install throughout Essex

The good news is that this is fully compatible with existing systems and we currently have a special offer price of just £395 + 5% VAT for the unit & full installation
For more information, or to arrange an installation please call us on 01621 827015,

 There are two options available; Solar Cache+ & Immersun. We can recommend the best unit to suit your needs

Solar hot water heating system

Some Key Benefits:

  • Use your free electricity when you’re out
  • Use your free energy and still get paid
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Higher efficiency reduces your energy bills
  • Built in hot water timer with added Boost function

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