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“Complete Renewables are MCS accredited installers of air source heat pumps throughout Essex and the South East.”


MCS accredited Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps are an extremely efficient way to heat your home. They provide a greater level of efficiency than modern gas boilers. If you’re upgrading from an oil burner or electric heating you’ll be able to save hundreds per year.

Using detailed heat loss calculations for your property, Complete Renewables are able to provide an accurate prediction of your energy usage. We can compare this to your existing costs to create accurate cost saving figures.

Furthermore, the government is incentivising home-owners to move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The result is generous grants designed to cover the cost of your installation over a 7 year period.

Our Customer Service

Air Source Heat Pump Installation priceWe offer an unparalleled level of customer service. Our free quotation service includes a site visit and full heat-loss calculations. Alternatively, if you’d just like to get an idea of the costs involved, send us as much detail about your property as possible and we’ll get back to you with a quotation.

We’ll provide ongoing support for your heat pump installation. Including follow-up visits to ensure your system is performing exactly as it should.

Air Source Heat Pumps Supplied and Fitted For Under £5,000!

This includes all aspects of the installation; from specification, supply and fitting of the heat pump itself, through to configuration.

Air source heat pumps take energy from the outside air temperature and convert this to heat, using this to heat your house and hot water. By compressing a refrigerant, the heat pump is able to utilise even very low external temperatures to supply all your homes heating requirements.

Government Incentives – Receive Payments for Heat!

Dimplex A-Class Air Source Heat PumpRecently air source heat pumps have become our most popular product. In part, a generous government grant has been responsible: The Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) – pays you per unit of heat generated. For more information on these grants click here to visit the relevant section of our site.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Effecient Air Source Heat PumpIn terms of energy efficiency, air source heat pumps can be more efficient than modern gas boilers. Only ground source heat pumps are more efficient. So in areas with no mains gas, or if you’d like to reduce your dependency on fossil fuels, air source heat pumps are ideal.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The finalised figures for the Renewable Heat Incentive have been announced. The government will be paying 7.3p per kilowatt hour of renewable energy generated. This will translate into an average payment for around £700 to £900 per year for seven years for the average home.

These figures will vary depending on the heat loss and size of your home. We’re happy to provide some estimated figures for your home (we’ll always provide this service for a new quotation). Enter your details in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you.

Our Accreditation

Complete Renewables are MCS accredited. This means our installations are eligible for RHI payments starting next year. Furthermore MCS accreditation represents a high level of professionalism and ensures through continuous reassessment that installers are reaching a high level of competence.

Fixed Price No Obligation Quote

If you’re interested in an air source heat pump, we’re happy to provide a no obligation fixed price quote.

Registered Installers

We are certified and registered installers of the below manufacturers:

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