Ground Source Heat Pumps

Vaillant Ground Source Heat PumpGround source heat pumps are amongst the most efficient forms of heating, trumping both air source heat pump and gas. There are a few considerations to take into account, such as existing heating system (if not a new build) and availability of space to install the pipework. However if you can satisfy the requirements, a ground source heat pump can represent a very significant reduction in heating bills. Complete Renewables are one of the most experienced installers with MCS accreditation in Essex.


The Renewable Heat Incentive

Ground Source Heat Pump Renewable EnergyThe Department for Energy and Climate Change has recently announced the finalised figures for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This allows owners of a ground source heat pump to earn an income from the energy they generate to heat their home.


The RHI tariff level is 18.8 pence per kilowatt hour of renewable energy. For the average home this should amount to around £2,800 per year guaranteed for 7 years. This figure will depend upon the heat loss and size of your property. We’re happy to provide estimated figures for your home. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get more information on this free service.

How heat is collected

Ground source heat pumps work in a similar manner to air source heat pumps. Ambient temperature is taken from the ground (which averages around 10⁰C, even in winter) via a network of pipes laid over 1 meter down. This energy is then transferred to a refrigerant which is compressed to generate heat. It is this heat which is transferred to your home for either radiators or underfloor heating and hot water.

Increased efficiency

Ground source heat pumps are more efficient that air source due to more constant underground temperatures. The underground pipe network collects ambient heat from the ground, it then transfers this heat to the refrigerant within the heat pump at a more efficient rate than air does. Furthermore underground temperature during winter averages around 10⁰C, considerably warmer than the air at this time of year.

Is ground source for you?


Ground Source heat Pump TrenchesYou’ll need an area of around 20 metres squared (this will depend on the size of your property) to install a pipe network below the ground. If this isn’t viable then bore holes can be used for a vertical array of pipes. You’ll also need a well-insulated house, new builds will reach the required level of insulation. We’re highly experienced with all types of installations and are happy to visit your property/site for a full inspection to let you know what options are available.

What to do next

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