PV Solar Panels

rooftop installed solar panelsAt Complete Renewables we have a passion for supplying solar energy in Essex. It’s the product we’ve been installing the longest and whilst recent changes in the feed in tariff incentive have reduced it’s popularity it’s still fundamental to achieving and energy efficient home. We install solar panels throughout Essex and have an extensive portfolio of happy customers.

We don’t rely on pushy sales techniques. Instead we let our reputation and competitive pricing do the talking. We guarantee the best workmanship coupled with unparalleled after-sales care.

Still worth doing despite reductions in the governments incentive

Over the last couple of years the cost of new installations has fallen dramatically, whilst reductions in the Feed in tariff have been significant installing Solar PV is still a good investment. Even with these reductions we are seeing returns on investment in the region of 10% The income is tax free and inflation linked for a period of 20 years.

When choosing an installer it’s extremely important that you find a company you can trust, and is able to provide long-term support. Our customer satisfaction is 100%. Our case studies throughout Essex demonstrate just how happy our customers are. Furthermore we have a range of independently verified reviews from Solar Guide. You can find a link further down this page.

If you would like more information regarding our installations and your property’s suitability, please complete the form at the  bottom of this page, or give us a call on 01621 827015. You won’t get a hard sale as we don’t employ salespeople. All our staff are highly experienced and will take the time to explain your options in as much detail as you require.

Roof Solar Panel Installation EssexOur Experience

Complete Renewables are one of the most experienced solar panel installers in Essex. For several years we’ve been connecting customers to the feed-in tariff. Our customers routinely exceed their predicted generation targets. In fact we’ve only ever received positive feedback. Please take a look at our testimonials to see some examples of our previous work.

As a family business with longevity in mind, our topmost priority is a satisfied customer. Our new business is largely gained from word of mouth from our previous business.

Quality Workmanship

Our engineers are all highly experienced. We only work with renewable energy, so we have some of the most experienced staff in the industry. To ensure the quality of our workmanship is matched by our panels, we offer a 25 year performance warranty. So you can be assured that your electricity generation will continue at peak levels throughout the years.

Independent Reviews

Solar Panel Guide reviewsDon’t just take our word for it. Our customers have great things to say about us. To read just a few of these please visit Solar Guide. These reviews are authenticated by Solar Guide to originate from genuine installations and are not solicited by ourselves. If you’d like any further details on these installations, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

LG Solar PanelsOur Panels

There is a huge variety of panels available on the market, and the quality of panels differs greatly also. Your installation is a long-term investment, so you’ll want to insure your panels continue to produce at a high rate through-out their lifetime.

At Complete Renewables we recognise the importance of a brand you can trust. We intend to be in business 25 years from now, so we only work with companies which we believe will still be in business with us.

Our chosen brands are LG and SolarWorld. With 50 years of experience they are amongst the largest producers of solar panels.


No Hard Sale

Feel free to contact us. We don’t employ salespeople, so you’ll only speak to qualified engineers. More often than not Clive, the business owner, will be available to discuss your requirements. We’re happy to take the time to ensure that our customers understand our products fully. We believe that solar and renewable energy will be a part of all homes in the future. We’re keen that home owners enjoy and feel comfortable with the transition to a sustainable energy source. If you’re looking for solar panel installation in Essex, Complete Renewables are the leading supplier.

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For More Information on Solar Panel Installations

If you’re interested in doing some additional research the below pages are very informative. They are impartial, so you can be sure the information is presented in a fair and balanced way.

The Energy Saving Trust – A good overview of the technology from a social enterprise

GOV.UK Feed-in Tariff – The goverment’s site detailing all you need to know about the Feed-in Tariff